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Kaema Sutra : Contemporary Sri Lankan Cuisine


Sri Lankan cuisine with a professional touch is what Kaema Sutra offers you, so be prepared to experience a fresh take on Sri Lankan Gastronomy.

The new restaurant by Dharshan Munidasa and Jacqueline Fernandez, joins an array of stylish restaurants in Colombo and is situated at the newly constructed and very elegant Arcade Independence Square, the latest development project under the Urban Development Authority.

The setting is a fusion of traditional Sri Lankan furniture and elegant modern interior decor with the dining area being lined with Kavichchi (traditional Sri Lankan sofas). But by far the stand out item is the authentic Sri Lankan “Miris Gala” or Grinding Stone, positioned so as to ensure you enjoy it’s view while experiencing Kaema Sutra’s new take on our local cuisine.

DSC_0895(2)Dharshan, who is one of Colombo’s foremost restaurateurs, said “I’ve always wanted to cook food that connects to the DNA of Sri Lankans. I believe that Kaema Sutra will bring Sri Lankan soul food to a new level, while maintaining its authenticity.”

He further elaborated on his desire to add professionalism to Sri Lankan cuisine, something he believes is important, but has seemingly been overlooked by the many up-market restaurants that serve these traditional dishes.

Jacqueline, who has been making waves in Bollywood with her recent movies meanwhile, added “I am thrilled to be working with Dharshan on this new project, as this is something that I’ve secretly always wanted to do. I am extremely proud of my Sri Lankan heritage, and being part of a restaurant where the food is so closely connected to my roots is really exciting!”

DSC_0920Kaema Sutra serves many Sri Lankan favourites such as hoppers, egg roti, ambul thial, polos and even a spicy boneless chicken curry.

The highlight of the menu is tipped to be “Dharshan’s Spicy Roast Chicken”, a 1.5kg bird cooked for 2 hours according to a 22 year old secret recipe.

Yet this dish was inspired by the many roadside shops that display brownish-reddish and sometimes even charred roast chickens.

Being a restaurant that is studying ways to personalise our spicy Island dishes, their menu is still in the process of being finalised. But look out for the exclusive 8 diametre Kaema Sutra hoppers, a size variation added for extra value by Kaema Sutra’s Creator & Chef.

DSC_0908(1)It was indeed amusing to see the typical egg roti being served like finger food. The roti was cut into tiny squares and garnished with a bit of “Lunu Miris” (spicy onion sambol) on top, replicating the finger-food dynamic.

Dharshan’s is also adamant that the restaurant will stay true to his philosophy of not using any frozen seafood or meat products to ensure the freshest natural ingredients, the purest oils and the finest spices are used to prepare every single dish.

Ambul thial became a beloved part of our taste-buds in our ancestors’ attempts to preserve fish, yet as this requirement is redundant at Kaema Sutra, the Chef merely lets the fish cook for 7 minutes using spices to just accentuate the fresh taste of the fish meat.

DSC_0937At the launch the fish was prepared with chopsticks, an odd utensil to be used in a Sri Lankan kitchen, yet it elucidates that the kitchen staff have been trained to practice the finest cooking techniques with traditional Sri Lankan cooking equipment.

It is the Chef’s promise that only the finest ingredients will be combined with authentic Sri Lankan cooking methods.

If these photographs have whetted your appetite, then head over to Kaema Sutra for dinner, it opens at 5.00pm everyday.
The doors are hard to miss as they have been emblazoned with the logo created from the handwriting of Dharshan and Jacqueline.

by Keshini de Silva





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