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‘The Hatchery’


‘The Hatchery’ – A Unique CTO-as- a-Service for Startups

Complete with its epic decor and pleasant faces there to give you name tags and t-shirts, the friendly folk at WS02 launched their brain child “The Hatchery” on the cold blustery day that was the 5th of November.

“The Hatchery”what is that?

No I know what you’re thinking; I will tell you now it has nothing to do with chicken and eggs. However it is a brilliant concept, the Hatchery by WSO2 is a unique program that aims to fill this gap by providing technical expertise free of charge to deserving startups. And who better to provide you with quality service than WSO2 itself which was a startup once upon a time and thus understands the difficulties and challenges a startup would face, especially from a technology standpoint.

As the saying goes never forget where you came from, WSO2 is giving back to the community they ‘grew up’ in, via the “Hatchery”.


In the words of none other than the man behind it all, the Founder CEO and Chief Architect at WSO2, Sanjiva Weerawarana, says “We’ve learnt the hard way! As part of our overall efforts to help the community, we wanted to share our learning’s, experiences, and knowledge in a structured way”. Weerawarana said the whole idea behind WSO2 launching Hatchery is so that they want consumers to build their solution using their middleware platform, adding that the program will first be rolled out to potential startups in Sri Lanka and will “eventually be extended to the global community.”

Now,you’ve all heard of Sri Lanka’s own YouTube sensation “Gappiya”, well he made a guest appearance and educated the lovely hatch-lings present on how to build your own brand. Now it was observed that his address could’ve been more comprehensive and informative, while anyone condones the spilt from the usual mundane type of lecture, when answering questions directed by eager participants, more substantial information must be provided.

The final speaker of the day was Dilendra Wimalasekere, the Co-Founder of Takas (Pvt) Ltd. He spoke of his brainchild, 24/7 Techies. His key point was that it is important to identify the strategy behind the business. Dilendra’s speech was complete in every aspect, it was engaging and informative and all-round helpful to those present.

Following Dilendra’s speech and a heavy tasty lunch, the real fun began. A total of 16 start-up’s registered for the programme and it was time for them to meet their CTO’s


The 16 start-up’s that applied were,
o Mythesis
o Deli Serve
o CarMate
o Express 418
o Teesir
o Cascadia Solutions
o Insurance Solutions
o TicTacToe
o Ciyrus
o Siplo
o TradeHuts
o Peerview
o Goswapit
o Unidel
o ideaGeek
o Analytics.lk

The teams then discussed new ideas and solutions to problems that the startups had identified. Following a successful completion of their first meeting the start-up’s will meet their assigned officers in three months for an evaluation and come to a decision as to whether they require further help.

By- Ursula Bastiansz

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