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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says stringent steps must be taken in order to prevent maritime terrorism.

The Prime Minister said a summit should be organised with the participation of all parties in order to establish methods to promoting peace and freedom of Naval travel in the Indian Ocean.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe speaking at a dinner hosted for special invitees by the Faculty of Law at Deakin University in Australia said Sri Lanka was willing to spearhead the process.

Premier Wickremesinghe added in order to address concerns in the Indian Ocean, military ships should be introduced a code of conduct.

The Prime Minister highlighted maritime terrorism has evolved into ships being taken hostage while at sea unlike the period the LTTE engaged in maritime terrorism.

The Premier noted the need for the creation of a special mechanism considering all these factors in order to make the Indian Ocean a peaceful region.

The Prime Minister proposed the organisation of a summit with the participation of countries located around the Indian Ocean, member countries of the United Nations Security Council and chief naval institutions.

The Office of the Prime Minister in a statement said the Prime Minister’s lecture was attended by academics, legal experts and students.