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Cravings – Gather ‘round the good stuff


Be it spending time with friends and family, a tiring day at work or just a very slow Monday morning, we all have those cravings that need to be satisfied. Whether you’re craving something sweet, chocolatey, creamy, or crunchy, finding a snack that will satisfy and help whittle your middle can be tough, especially when the options are far too many.

Established in the early 1900s, Perera & Sons has given way to another venture; Cravings! If the name sounds familiar, the odds are you’ve heard or seen this place on your way to the popular Bars Cafe, which has unfortunately closed shop now. It’s a tiny cafe, with around four to five bar stools inside, and two tables with seating outside.

Cravings is the kind of place that makes you understand why you want to support local businesses; it’s a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded city. If you want to satisfy your cravings for delectable and affordable food, this place can be a safe bet.

Chocolate Frappe (Rs.350)

The Chocolate Frappe looked like something you’d get at Coffee Bean, however, the taste was far from it. It had rich chocolate, coffee cream and caramel sauce which made the flavor richer, almost heady, and more complex. However, the drink was at an ideal intersection between icy and creamy, just thick enough to suck up through the thin straw. The first sip was, a mildly sweet, though robust coffee explosion in your mouth. But that coffee taste which was considerably strong to begin with, became more and more apparent as we kept chugging, not to mention, the rich cream. It made the entire drink a chore to swallow and finish it.

Seafood Mongolian Rice (Rs.450)

The Seafood Mongolian Rice was mouthwatering and instantly appealing to hungry eyes. The first thing we noticed was the golden orange egg yolk which was the perfect Sunny-Side-Up. The rice, with all its chopped veggies was complete with well-balanced flavor, which is always appreciated in the Mongolian Rice, as they generally tend to be either disappointingly bland or fire-extinguisher-for-my-mouth-please hot. Sitting in a corner the portion contained chewy cuttlefish, petite prawns and fine slices of fish, which all played their part in giving you bang for your seafood craving buck. However, after getting all of that just right the biggest gripe was the pack was sitting ready-made on the counter so lo and behold – it was just COLD. Dampened the experience significantly as some lingering warmth or even a microwave reheating which wasn’t offered would have been ideal. The portion size was enough to fill an average tummy.

Tiramisu (Rs.350)

The Tiramisu had curious taste which was neither appetizing nor unappetizing. Left me scratching my head and wondering if such a paradox could be contained in such a small cup. One thing was for sure – it was far too rich. It was a heavy laden dessert which was a far throw from what a good light, fluffy tiramisu should be.

Chocolate Biscuit Pudding (Rs.300)

Chocolate Biscuit Pudding is a definite Sri Lankan dessert staple; be it at weddings, birthdays, dinners or any other occasion, Chocolate Biscuit Pudding is one of Sri Lanka’s most favorite desserts to indulge in. So we felt it was mandatory to try out the CBP at Cravings. And we’re glad we did! If it’s one thing we’ve learnt about Cravings, we learnt that they really know how to balance the flavors in their food. The biscuit to icing ratio was puurfect and we kept craving for more!

Coffee Éclair (Rs.200)

Unlike some sweets that have become popular darlings, the humble eclair has been a fixture of bakeries for decades. Its presence in some of Colombo’s ritziest hotels, though, is something of a surprise. There’s little not to like about the comforting combination of crunchy, airy choux pastry filled with sweet creams and custards, all in an elegant, easy-to-eat package. Cravings too did not disappoint. Their Coffee Éclairs are massive and gives you a kick in the right direction.

Brownie (Rs.350)

The Brownie was an absolute win. A sinful pleasure to bite into. What it lacked in crunch, it made up for in gooey solidity and consistent scrumptious taste. The chocolate was enjoyably light and the serving size was quite generous. An absolute pleasure which was lip-smacking good and not in the least hefty on the gut. Good enough to have two and still be left craving for more!

Contact Information
Phone No: 011-4325-411
Address: No. 24, Deal Place, Colombo 03.