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Colombo has very few ‘environmental-friendly’ restaurants in its backyard, namely Aura Café. At first, we were delighted to stumble upon another “green” café in the heart of Colombo, but boy do we have a lot to say about this place! Urban Green is a little café (more like Café on the 5th or The Fab) tucked in the corner of 5th Lane, Colpetty. With a heavy weightage on the whole ‘go green’ concept, Urban Green has taken the initiative to introduce healthy and sustainable eating for Colombo’s high-end crowd.

The café is situated at a rather easy-to-find location, however, we were inconvenienced due to certain road closures resulting in construction work. As we entered, we were greeted by a friendly cashier who took us through the menu and everything they didn’t have. For seating options, you could either sit inside or outside, which was more spacious. We decided to sit outside, since we preferred the ‘cool’ breeze, however, we were slapped with a humongous heatwave which was unbearable. The outside had a few fans which were not turned on until we did it ourselves – their service has a lot to improve on.

Next – the crows! Our brunch was unpleasantly disturbed by a group of crows who seemed to be quite interested in food; ours in particular. They also flickered a piece of meat from one end to the other, which looked disgusting and made our food extremely unappetizing.

Creamy spicy chicken burger with egg

At first glance the burger ‘looked’ good on the plate, with the little olive hovering on a toothpick and an ‘artsy’ splatter of sauce to the side (however considerably pointless as it wasn’t enough to either dip the chips in OR add to the burger) Sauce wasn’t offered. A first impressionable bite was into a bit of cartilage and bone. The following bites highlighted the average taste of the sauce and the chicken. The veggies were soggy and offered nothing significant to the flavor or texture. Also, lest we forget – the egg was absent. We blame the Chicken. A generous serving of stiff cold fries distracted from the experience overall.

Chocolate Smoothie

Yogurt and Chocolate might be a thing for a health enthusiast – but the bitter taste of what we believe was Non-Fat Yogurt, decimated any would-be Chocolate. This nevertheless healthy concoction could be improved if the bitter yogurt taste was addressed.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Beauty can sometimes only be skin deep. This staple dessert looked exactly like what a decent Blueberry Cheesecake should look like on the outside. However, the expression ‘looks can be deceiving’ was apparent here as the entire piece was dry and rigid. It certainly didn’t taste bad, but a dry Cheesecake is a definite No-No.

Chocolate Eclair

The Chocolate eclair was nothing extraordinary, however, the pastry and cream had a perfect balance. We’d still prefer the eclairs at Cafe on the 5th or Green Cabin.

Urban Green has a promising concept of promoting healthy eating, along with nodding back to offering up traditional Sri Lankan food and beverages from bygone eras, whilst not forgetting average folk who just want to grab a good burger. However the place is still discovering their niche and settling in. Urban Green has much potential and the passion for what they do is apparent. However their lack of experience and attention to issues with basic food-you’d get-at-any-cafe items on the menu need serious addressing. With time and more focus towards improving what they already have on their menu, this place could become great.