Death toll due to adverse weather up to 166

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164 dead, 104 still missing

Landslide warning still in effect in 8 districts – NBRO

Death toll due to adverse weather rises to 113

President calls for prompt distribution of relief


President Maithripala Sirisena has called on officials to ensure the prompt distribution of relief among those affected by the collapse of the garbage dump in Meethotamulla.

The President made this request during an assessment meeting held this morning pertaining to the Meethotamulla tragedy at the Ministry of Disaster Management.

The 250,000 rupee compensation and the handing over of houses to those whose homes were destroyed will take place at 2 this afternoon.

Speaking to NewsRadio State Minister AHM Fowzie said the Head of State had instructed officials to speed up the process of drawing up estimations for the houses that were damaged in the incident.

The President had also advised relevant units to formulate a plan for local government bodies to discard garbage more stringently.