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Michael Learns To Rock is a Danish band known worldwide for their songs that could be deemed most relatable to those in love.

In case you didn’t know the band has played in Sri Lanka once before in 2004, a concert which left a mark on the performers because they’re back for the second time to entertain the island at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center on the 18th (Thursday) of May 2017.

We at NewsRadio, had the privilege of meeting Jascha Ritcher and Mikkel Lentz of the band at the pre event press conference at the Mövenpick Hotel in Colombo, the main hospitality partner.

During the press conference the band was asked a few unorthodox questions.

Firstly MLTR was asked what the most embarrassing thing was that happened to them on or before a concert.

Mikkel replied saying there is a YouTube video of him falling off stage because he was blinded by the stage lights that were too bright. Mikkel continued on to add that he doubts there was ever anything more embarrassing than that.

The two band members were also asked what the most annoying fan question they had been asked. Jascha said they were questioned regarding the meaning behind the band name.

For our enlightenment Jascha said the name was inspired by Michael Jackson the king of pop. The Band wanted to indicate that the King of Pop was learning to rock!