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Minister of Tourism Development John Amaratunga says he believes it is time for him to retire from active politics.

Addressing media following an event in Nattandiya yesterday Minister Amaratunga said the present government will continue to be strong for the next several years.

The Minister said th government is changing the constitution adding the seat method will be re-initiated.

He noted there will be another MP for the Nattandiya seat.

The Minister said the present government is a government that was made through the united efforts of the President, Prime Minister, United National Party and Sri Lanka Freedom Party, adding it cannot be toppled by anyone.

He said Ministers and positions will change but this must not become a cause for concern, noting however this government will continue to progress forward during the next 5-6 years.

He said if it is not taken forward development projects will fail.

Minister Amaratunge noted the President said this united government will not be allowed to fall.

He then added he felt like I had remained long enough in politics, remarking he had never been defeated.

The Minister reiterated there are others who can take his place.