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The government says the jobs of employees of the Neville Fernando Hospital will not be jeopardized by the government taking over the hospital.

Addressing the takeover event Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine Dr. Rajitha Senarathne said private medical universities are vital in the quest to provide the public an efficient healthcare service.

Minister Senarathne said the country needs more private medical universities in this country if it is are to provide an efficient health service to this country.

Minister Senarathne thanked Dr. Neville Fernando for agreeing to hand over this hospital adding that none of the employees of the hospital will lose their jobs because the government took over this hospital.

Minister Senarathne said specialists, doctors, nurses and all health trade unions part of this hospital will be protected adding that from the 1st of August the government will operate this hospital as a state hospital.

Minister Senarathne said during a one year interim period the government will sort all existing issues in the hospital adding that it didn’t come into power to take people’s jobs.

Furthermore the Health Minister noted the standards for medical education within the country will be gazetted promptly.

Minister Senarathne said the hospitals standards were discussed with the SLMC and legislations were handed over to the Legal Draftsman’s Department by this government adding that he saw to this in 2015.

Minister Senarathne said the SLMC wanted this legislation back to show it to various parties adding that it caused the delay as it was supposed to be handed back to him on the 4th which is when students broke into the Ministry of Health which delayed the process further.

Minister Senarathne said the Legal Draftsman’s Department informed the Prime Minister that the translations will be submitted in the near future which will also be gazetted.

Minister of Health Dr. Rajitha Senarathne also said it is under the present government that the ideals of free healthcare were enacted.

Minister Senarathne said one cancer patient had a budget of 1.5 million rupees adding that today this government will spend 15-70 million rupees on one patient and these cancer patients are still alive.

Minister Senarathne said by mid-2019 he will construct houses for employees of the state sector adding that it must be remembered, that citizens receive their medication including surgeries free of charge at state hospitals, and this too only under this good governance government.

Minister Senarathne said unnecessary protest slogans should be disregarded as people have brains to think.

The Minister then questioned as to whether any government such as this allocated funds to ensure free education or free healthcare adding that it also promised to increase the allocation for healthcare from 1.8% to 3% and this year we increased it to 3.4%.