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Former President and Kurunegala District Parliamentarian Mahinda Rajapaksa says the Sri Lanka Freedom Party has lost its independency at present.

Addressing a rally organised by the Joint Opposition in Kandy MP Rajapaksa said the development the government under him introduce does not exist anymore.

Commenting on his actions the Former President did following the conflict his government constructed an airport, a port while highways were also constructed.

MP Rajapaksa said the Colombo – Kandy highway should have been completed at this point adding had the government maintained the same pace the public would be able to reach Kandy with ease.

The Former President noted while certain politicians claim the country does not require highways others are attempting to sell the country’s assets.

The former President said the SLFP has fallen under the purview of the United National Party adding SLFP Ministers now conduct their affairs according to the policies of the UNP.