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The JVP today called for the President and two other Ministers to vacate their posts.

Speaking during the Committee Stage Debate on the 2018 Budget, Parliamentarian Bimal Ratnayake said the trio must resign from their posts due to the failure to effectively spend funds allocated from last year’s Budget.

The MP requested all three Ministers including the Ministry that falls under the purview of the President to be removed from their posts under powers vested with Parliament.

MP Ratnayake said when considering the financial progress of the Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs, which was granted 19,782 million rupees in the 2017 Budget only returned 10,167 million rupees, adding out of the total sum only 6,000 million rupees has been utilized as of the 30th of September and therefore 49% of the allocated funds have not been used.

The MP said the Ministry of National Integration & Reconciliation that is under the President was allocated 3,532 million rupees through the 2017 Budget adding the President amidst all his duties has also taken over this Ministry.

He said only 325 million rupees was taken while only 9% was spent of that sum while the Ministry has not utilized 91% of the allocated funds as of the 30th of September, and as the head of this Ministry the President should resign.

The MP further said individuals are not important and that they only focus on their posts and the person who holds that post should work for it.

The Parliamentarian said the public voted in favour of the current President and therefore it is his responsibility to prove himself adding that the JVP is ashamed of the current situation and questioned what the government is doing regarding the crucial issues.

MP Ratnayake exclaimed he is not requesting for money to be wasted but the funds are allocated to provide solutions to the issues faced by the public adding that these Ministries are playing with the issues.

MP Bimal Ratnayake also said reconciliation cannot be achieved while the LTTE flag is still raised.

He said the JVP believes that if a new Constitution that abolished the Executive Presidency and ensuring the rights of all races is not introduced extremists in the North will use this opportunity as a tool.

The MP said if the politicians in the North are considering the LTTE as a symbol of reconciliation they are making a mistake adding reconciliation of the Sinhala and Muslim community cannot be ensured by using the LTTE flag even though it might be possible among the civil society of the North.

He claimed Vigneswaran and Sivajilingam’s, attempt to ensure reconciliation under the LTTE flag will not be successful adding that they returned to the North once the war ended and that they were not able to while the war was still on.

Therefore MP Ratnayake said regardless of whether it is Sinhala or Tamil, separatism is wrong.