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‘Bond scam perpetrators must be punished’


United National Party Parliamentarian Bandula Lal Bandarigoda says those charged with the controversial Bond scam must be brought to book.

Speaking at a rally in Hiniduma the Parliamentarian said the UNP will not attempt to protect perpetrators under any circumstance.

The Parliamentarian noted if wrongdoings have taken place, now the government can punish those involved adding it is due to the transparency of the current government.

MP Bandarigoda stated in the past, such a Presidential Commission had not been appointed during the tenure of any government adding Prime Ministers in the past had not given evidence and Ministers have not resigned or given evidence.

The Parliamentarian noted all of these activities were carried out with transparency adding the Prime Minister had stated no matter who was involved in wrongdoings, there was no objection to taking legal action against them.

MP Bandula Lal Bandarigoda stressed as a government and party the UNP is in complete agreement and if anyone is charged of being involved in the Bond Commission issue legal action must be taken against them.

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