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Govt lethargic with new Constitution- Purawasi Balaya


The Purawasi Balaya Organisation says the government must be more committed to abolishing the Executive Presidency and the formulation of a new Constitution.

Speaking to NewsRadio member of the organisation KW Janaranjana said the process is moving at a sluggish pace.

However he noted the government had been successful in reaching several effective steps, in formulating a new Constitution in the past.

However he said it was clear that during the Election period parliament has neglected the agenda to revitalize the state and prioritized Election campaigning instead.

He said the organisation is not in favour of the delay.

Janaranjana remarked even during the election, this vital agenda must also move forward.

Meanwhile when NewsRadio questioned the Organization on its opinion over President Maithripala Sirisena seeking legal advice, from the Supreme Court on his term in office, Janaranjana said he saw no issue with the move.

However he noted the President’s intentions in this regard were unclear.

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