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The Committee on Public Enterprises or COPE says a special report on Higher Education institutions will be tabled in Parliament.

Speaking to NewsRadio, member of COPE MP Bimal Ratnayake said the committee had largely assessed issues faced by the university system in the country.

The Parliamentarian noted the committee has complied and presented three reports last year and two reports during the previous year adding the committee also conducted a major investigation pertaining to the bond scam.

MP Rathnayake stressed major discussions and investigations were conducted pertaining to expressways during the current government and the former government and major assessments pertaining to all the educational issues, abuse and common issues faced by Sri Lankan Universities were also conducted.

He also said the committee expects to produce reports focused only on higher education institutes and present a special COPE report on higher education institutes.

MP Bimal Ratnayake added it is the government’s responsibility to bring perpetrators to book based on the reports tabled in Parliament by the COPE committee.

The Parliamentarian noted the COPE committee does not have a specific regulations officer and a separate team for compiling reports.

He said the biggest issue aside from practical issues is that leaders of the country, the President and Prime Minister, found an interest in these recommendations and put them into practice adding that fraudsters cannot punish fraudsters.

The Parliamentarian stressed the COPE committee cannot fully influence the best results for the country.

MP Rathnayake meanwhile noted due to certain reports by the COPE committee, the government has been influenced through the media and the public, paving the way for a considerable amount of positive results and therefore the corruption reported at certain state institutions have reduced considerably.

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