‘Politicians must have a nationalistic approach’

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LG Election was a wake up call- Mangala


Minister of Finance and Mass Media Mangala Samaraweera says the 2018 Local Authority Election is a timely wake up call for the good governance government.

Issuing a statement Minister Samaraweera said the public has communicated that the good governance government has not done enough to ensure election promises made during the 2015 Presidential and General Elections.

The Minister stressed the message issued by the public has sunk deep into the United National Party and therefore the party is committed to take drastic measures to fulfil the promises made three years ago and to maintain the public trust.

Meanwhile Minister Samaraweera said the country should be proud of the conduct of an election under the auspices of an independent Elections Commission and the Police.

The Minister claimed the UNP’s duty is to widen its own voter base by delivering results, while joining hands with an honest and democratic political forces to uplift and ensure the country never again returns to a rule by the sword.

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