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The Sri Lanka Customs has decided to enforce the law strictly against individuals attempting to smuggle foreign cigarettes illegally into the country.

Accordingly the Customs is focused on imposing a fine or a prison sentences for such suspects.

NewsRadio airport correspondent said the Acting Customs Spokesperson Vipula Minuwanpitiya had confirmed the decision.

The decision was reached as a result of individuals constantly attempting to smuggle foreign cigarettes illegally into the country.

However NewsRadio correspondent stated thus far the Customs only advised such offenders and confiscated the illegal stocks of cigarettes.

Meanwhile two females and one male attempting to smuggle 41,040 foreign cigarettes illegally into the country have been arrested at the Katunayake International Airport.

The stock of cigarettes is worth 2,052,000 rupees.

The 31, 40 and 42 year old suspects are residents of Warakapola and Meerigama.

The stock of cigarettes was found concealed in their luggage.

They arrived in Sri Lanka this morning on a flight from Dubai.

The suspects had been strictly warned and released while the stock of cigarettes was confiscated. The Airport Customs is carrying out further investigations.

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