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United People’s Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila says the government is attempting to gain political mileage through the restriction of the use of Facebook over the recent unrest in the Kandy District.

Speaking during a media briefing of the Pivithuru Hela Urumaya MP Gammanpila said there is no requirement to continue the restriction of social media as a peaceful environment prevails within the country.

MP Gammanpila stressed the unrest reported in Kandy has been brought under control, curfew imposed was lifted and the State of Emergency will be lifted within the next two days.

He said however the ban on Facebook has not been lifted yet adding the government is attempting to block statements against the government by claiming the restriction was imposed to prevent hate speech.

The Parliamentarian noted in the recent past social media was mainly used to express hate against the government.

MP Gammanpila said the good governance government that promised to ensure the right to speech is attempting to ban social media by using the Kandy unrest as an excuse and is now supressing the public.

The Parliamentarian stressed such attempts will not be allowed in the future.

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