‘All citizens must support President’s initiatives’

2020-01-17 at 13:34

State Minister Duminda Dissanayake has called for all citizens in the country to support President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s new initiatives.

Speaking at a rally in Anuradhapura the State Minister said an opportunity for the country to move forward has now arisen.

The State Minister noted the time had arrived to think differently with President Gotabaya stressing when the President was changing, the government could not merely remain inactive.

He stressed all persons must become part the President’s journey.

State Minister Dissanayake noted that there were persons who have not passed 8th Grade and the Ordinary Level Examinations and therefore could not apply for state jobs, adding therefore, they must be provided jobs.

However, he stressed that President Rajapaksa planned on providing jobs to 100,000 families at once.

The State Minister complained that before jobs were granted to political relatives and persons with personal connections, lamenting that in the end the country was not built up as it lacked proper planning.

However today State Minister Dissanayake stressed that President Rajapaksa speaks of building the country with a plan.