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President Maithripala Sirisena says there is a clear difference between the government two years ago and the good governance government.

Speaking at a function in Warakapola, the Head of State said the country was in disarray without a clear policy and stressed that at present, the government has brought the country within a democratic framework. CUT

The President said the country should realize and recognize the change that was brought about by the present government.

He said the government will implement all necessary changes, however claiming that a country cannot be happy with the increase in hospitals.

President Sirisena said the country can only be happy with a reduction in hospitals, claiming that it will recognize Sri Lanka as a healthy country.

The Head of State said hospitals and prisons should reduce but the government must establish more schools.

Addressing the event, Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne said the previous government was taken hostage by racketeers and therefore prevented leaders from taking progressive decisions.

The Health Minister said the government had to face numerous challenges including opposition by a drug mafia to the National Medicinal Drugs Policy.

Minister Senaratne said the President spoke to doctors and experts and introduced the national policy.

However, he said several documents were missing from the Attorney General’s Department, claiming that it was a sabotage.