Travel restrictions imposed in Rajanganaya

2020-07-13 at 18:15

Movement in Track 1, 3 and 5 of Rajanganaya has been suspended with the discovery of several COVID-19 positive cases.

Director General of Health Services Dr. Anil Jasinghe speaking at a media briefing today said special attention was directed to Rajanganaya as a result of the increase in coronavirus cases, adding that movement was restricted for the safety of area residents.

Dr. Jasinghe said the decision to impose restrictions was reached after a COVID-19 infected counsellor at the Kandakadu Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre attended a funeral and almsgiving in the area.

Dr. Jasinghe noted that the coronavirus spread among others who attended the funeral and the almsgiving due to the lack of due social distancing measures.

While claiming that the public has failed to adhere to health guidelines, the Director General of Health Services said the Kandakadu cluster has not spread across the island.

Dr. Jasinghe said the virus is presently prevalent in Rajanganaya with several cases reported in Welikanda as well.

Dr. Jasinghe reiterated that while rumours of cases being reported in various areas are baseless, he noted that in the event a patient is identified an announcement will be made.