Delta variant 60% more transmissible than Alpha

2021-06-11 at 15:10

Experts say the Delta (Indian) coronavirus variant is about 60% more transmissible than the Alpha (UK) variant and vaccines are less effective against it.

The Public Health England said more than 90% of new COVID-19 cases in the UK are now the Delta variant.

The variant, first identified in India, has taken over from the Alpha variant as the most dominant in the UK.

New research suggests the Delta variant is associated with an approximately 60% increased risk of household transmission compared with the Alpha variant.

In England, 39,061 Delta variant cases have now been confirmed, with 2,035 in Scotland, 184 in Wales and 43 in Northern Ireland.

PHE said the large increase from 12,341 last week to 42,323 this week has been partly driven by a reduction in test turnaround times and a faster process for identifying cases of the variant.