Discipline & responsibility will end this crisis-Sanga

2020-03-26 at 12:00

Former national cricket Captain Kumar Sangakkara has urged the Sri Lankan public to act responsibly amidst the prevailing health crisis.

Making a special statement, Sangakkara called on citizens to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner and abide by directives issued by health and law enforcement agencies.

He stressed that due to steps taken by the government, health and security units, the spread of the novel coronavirus has been controlled to some extent, however stressing that the country has entered a decisive phase in the battle against Covid-19.

The former Lankan Skipper pointed out that all rules and regulations in place have been imposed with the objective of saving lives, however remarking that irresponsible actions undo all efforts taken thus far.

Sangakkara warned the public that irresponsible behaviour would lead to playing games with the lives of loved ones, people in the one’s immediate vicinity and every citizen in the Island.

He therefore urged the public to strictly follow social distancing methods, respect curfew, seek treatment if Covid-19 symptoms manifest and continue to maintain good hygiene and safety measures.

The Veteran Batsman reminded that if the public diligently follow all advice in this regard, the country would overcome this challenge before long.