Katunayake Free Trade Zone workers sent home

2020-03-27 at 12:30

A programme was initiated today for employees of the Katunayake Export Processing Zone who are unable to return to their homes and remain in hostels, to return home.

NewsRadio correspondent said over 5,000 persons had arrived at the Katunayake Export Processing Zone from 5am this morning for the programme.

Katunayake Police spread the news around the area using loudspeakers last night.

The programme is being carried out by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, Katunayake Police, Public Health Inspectors, Factory Owners and the Sri Lanka Army.

Accordingly, employees who arrive at the Katunayake Export Processing Zone initially register at a centre established by the Katunayake Police.

They are then subjected to a health inspection by the Sri Lanka Army.

Those who pass the medical test are then directed to buses that have been named based on their residence.

The buses have been allocated based on the provinces, and they will be escorted by the Army.

The employees are due to be taken into the care of Police under which they are registered and will thereafter be assisted in returning to their residences by relevant Police.

Meanwhile the Army said measures were taken to deploy 50 more buses, as the 20 buses provided earlier were insufficient.