‘PHI’s unable to enforce health guidelines’

2020-07-13 at 19:00

The Public Health Inspectors Union says taking action over the failure to heed health directives at propaganda rallies is a difficult task as a result of the delay in gazetting health guidelines issued for the General Election.

Secretary of the Union Mahendra Balasuriya said relevant authorities have been notified in this regard on several occasions over the past month.

He said PHI officers cannot enforce the law owing to this shortcoming.

Balasuriya noted that party leaders, candidates and supporters were blatantly violating health guidelines adding that the spread of COVID-19 under such circumstances cannot be controlled.

He claimed that while they do not wish to clash with politicians, the PHI officers urged responsible officials to take due action to issue the gazette promptly, that will vest power with PHI officers to ensure the guidelines are being followed.