SL runs risk of ICC sanctions after missing the press briefing

2019-06-16 at 08:55

The Sri Lankan cricket team runs the risk of facing a sanction from the International Cricket Council after it refused to attend the post-match press conference at Kennington Oval yesterday.

It is customary for a representative of any team to speak to reporters before and after international matches, and when teams participate in an ICC event signs an agreement to fulfil this obligation.

But after losing by 87 runs to Australia in match 20 of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, the Sri Lankan team did not send anyone for the press conference or the ‘mixed zone’ media interaction that follows.

An ICC spokesperson entered the space allotted for press conferences and told the gathered reporters that Sri Lanka would not be attending.

The spokesperson said “Sri Lanka has told us they don’t want to do it. The ICC will be speaking to them”.

The ICC website however does not specify a penalty for teams who do not adhere to sending a representative for post-match press conferences, but a sanction appears on the cards.