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Delimitation report gazette on Monday -SB


Minister SB Dissanayake says the gazette notification pertaining to the final report of the Delimitation Committee will be published on Monday.

Speaking to media in Kandy, Minister Dissanayake said the selection of candidates for the Sri Lanka Freedom Party for the upcoming Local Government Election is currently underway.

Minister Dissanayake said the party is ready, adding that they are choosing their candidates.

Minister Dissanayake said at present issues concerning the delimitation report have significantly reduced adding that the delimitation committee’s report has arrived and will gazette it if not this week then next Monday.

The Minister added that afterwards preperations will begin for the local government election.

Minister SB Dissanayake added the Executive Presidency will be in effect till the next election.

The Minister said an environment needs to be created, that is fair to all and encourages trust and co existence among the people adding that at a time that we’re attempting to create these changes, the country’s unity and sovereignty must be protected.

The Minister added that towards this certain aspects of the executive presidency must be there adding that the Sri Lanka Freedom party sees that the people have not given a mandate for the present government to completely change the Constitution and introduce a new one.

Minister Dissanayale added that it wasnt asked for adding that an in-depth discussion is needed over the matter.

The minister said the executive presidency will remain during the next election, however if they decide to change that then it’s a different story.