New directives on expired drivers licences – NEC

2020-08-01 at 11:00

The National Election Commission says all expired drivers’ licences, which have not exceeded the relief period granted for their renewal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be accepted at polling centres as a valid form of identification for the General Election.

The Department of Motor Traffic earlier announced that all drivers licences that expired between the months of March and June, have been granted a relief period of six months, while holders of licences that expire between the months of June and September have been granted a relief period of three months for their renewal.

Accordingly all licences that fall into this relief time frame will be considered a valid form of ID to cast ones ballot at next week’s Parliamentary Polls.

Meanwhile voters are reminded that they are free to use their own pens if they wish to mark their vote at polling centres on the 5th of August.

Accordingly the NEC stated that any voters, who wish to do so, must only use a Blue or Black ballpoint pen for this purpose.

However the Commission stressed that pens must not bear any promotional imagery, colour or symbol of political party or candidate.

The NEC said measures are also in place to provide voters with disinfected ballpoint pens at polling stations if they do not bring their own pen.