‘Some health workers to cast postal vote on 13th’

2020-06-30 at 17:00

The Election Commission says the 13th of July has been allocated as a special day to cast postal votes for employees of three units of the health sector.

Speaking at a media briefing today the Chairman of the Election Commission Mahinda Deshapriya said Medical Health Officers, Public Health Inspectors and midwives will be allowed to cast their ballot for the General Election on the 13th of July.

Postal voting is due to take place on the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of July while the 20th and the 21st of July have been announced as additional dates to cast postal votes.

Deshapriya claimed that the decision was reached as the assistance of PHI officers is required in order to determine whether health guidelines issued by the Director General of Health Services Dr. Anil Jasinghe pertaining to voting and at polling centres are being adhered to by those casting their postal ballot.

The Election Chief assured that polling centres will be secure of COVID-19 while claiming that centres will be sanitised continuously. Deshapriya added that a voter will be sanitised before and after voting.

He claimed that all measures required to ensure the health and safety of voters and polling centre officers will be taken by the Election Commission.

The Chairman of Election said a wax stick will be used to ink a voter’s finger.

Mahinda Deshapriya meanwhile requested candidates contesting the General Election to minimise the number of persons at election rallies to 100.