Experimental election underway successfully

2020-06-07 at 13:25

The National Election Commission says the experimental election in Ambalangoda is underway successfully.

The mock election is being held at the Vilegoda Dhamma yukthi kaaramaya Temple.

A spokesman at the Election Commission speaking to NewsRadio said the election was initially due to be held between 10am and noon, however the time period was extended in order to allow all individuals the opportunity to vote.

The Election Commission planned to involve 200 persons in the trial voting process.

The Commission decided to hold a trial election, adhering to health regulations in a bid to obtain a better understanding of the challenges it may face in future.

The Commission intends on gathering knowledge on the duration to cast ballot and challenges in maintaining social distancing among voters.

During the trial election, wearing face masks, using disinfectants, the use of the National Identity Card and several other matters will be observed.

The Election Commission has received a number of guidelines that must be adhered to when conducting the upcoming General Election.

Accordingly, the Commission expects to obtain more information on the modalities of conducting the election while the country is still facing a health crisis.