Facebook and Instagram services restored

2019-11-29 at 07:50

Facebook says it has fixed an issue that left some users in the United States unable to post photos or answer messages on Facebook or Instagram yesterday.

In an update the company said that the issue is fully resolved.

According to CNN a Facebook spokesperson said “We are back to 100% for everyone.”

The company earlier said it had identified “an issue in one of our central software systems.”

Facebook said that it “caused many people to have trouble accessing Facebook’s family of apps,” and that it had started to restore access.

There were thousands of complaints about both social networks being down according to the tracking site Down Detector.

Parts of Instagram appeared to be affected, including the news feed being slow to refresh and trouble uploading pictures.

The outage on Instagram sparked complaints on Twitter. The two services are prone to frequent outages.

WhatsApp didn’t appear to be impacted by the outage.