Hurricane Michael submerges homes

2018-10-11 at 09:36

The most powerful hurricane ever to hit north-west Florida has flooded beach towns, submerging homes and snapping trees like twigs.

Hurricane Michael – a category three storm with 125mph winds – made landfall last afternoon in the state’s Panhandle region.

One person was killed by a falling tree.

Michael is so powerful that it remained a hurricane as it moved overland to bear down on Alabama and Georgia.

Florida Governor Rick Scott warned of “unimaginable devastation”, saying it would be the worst storm in 100 years.

Michael reportedly killed at least 13 people in Central America: six in Honduras, four in Nicaragua and three in El Salvador.

More than 370,000 people in Florida were ordered to evacuate, but officials reckon many ignored the warning.

Michael has already knocked out power to a quarter of a million homes and businesses, as power lines were smashed by falling trees.

Reuters reported that Michael is the third-most powerful storm ever to make landfall in the mainland US, after Hurricane Camille in Mississippi in 1969 and the Labor Day hurricane of 1935 in Florida.

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