India reports 700,000 novel coronavirus cases

2020-07-07 at 06:41

India has reported 700,000 novel coronavirus cases, after it confirmed 3,827 COVID-19 patients last evening.

A total of 701,240 cases of coronavirus have been reported in India with more than 250,000 active cases and 19,693 deaths linked to the virus.

The number of people to have recovered from the infectious COVID-19 virus is around 424,000.

During the past four days India recorded 100,000.

India’s first case was reported in Kerala in January – a student returning from China’s Wuhan, the original epicentre of a pandemic that has infected over 11.4 million people worldwide.

On Sunday, India also edged past Russia to become the third worst-affected nation. Only the United States and Brazil have reported more COVID-19 cases than India.