Japan typhoon death toll rises to 58

2019-10-15 at 05:06

The death toll in the worst typhoon to hit Japan for decades climbed to 58 as rescuers searched through mud and debris in an increasingly grim search for the missing and as thousands of homes remained without power or water.

The national broadcaster said the storm hit a number of areas of central and eastern Japan, with 15 missing and some 211 injured nearly three days after Typhoon Hagibis lashed Japan with high winds and intense rains.

Some 138,000 households were without water while 24,000 lacked electricity.

The highest toll was in Fukushima prefecture north of Tokyo.

At least 18 died in Fukushima, including a mother who was caught up in flood waters with her two children.

Thousands of police, fire officials and military personnel continued to search for people who may have been cut off by floodwaters and landslides set off by the storm.