Tiger killed by a new mate at London Zoo

2019-02-09 at 08:05

An endangered Sumatran tiger has been killed by another tiger at London Zoo.

Male tiger Asim was brought to the zoo from a Danish safari park 10 days ago in the hope he would be the “perfect mate” for long-term resident Melati.

After spending time apart in the tiger enclosure to get used to the new arrangement, the two were then introduced to each other earlier.

The zoo said, “Tensions quickly escalated, things became more aggressive and Melati died in a fight.” A statement issued by the zoo said Asim was immediately moved to a separate paddock but despite the best efforts of the vets, 10-year-old Melati died.

Seven-year-old Asim was moved to London Zoo as part of the European-wide conservation breeding programme.



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