Govt. to seek action over failure to grant tax relief

2020-01-17 at 18:33

The Inland Revenue Department has threatened to take legal action against institutions that fail to pass on the tax concessions and relief to the public, that were announced by the government recently.

Speaking during a media briefing in Colombo today, the Commissioner General of Inland Revenue Nadun Guruge said a number of complaints have been received pertaining to the non-implementation of the tax revisions and over bodies failing to pass on the concessions to the public.

He said a survey was also conducted to evaluate the implementation of the tax revisions in a number of industries.

The Commissioner General of Inland Revenue claimed that some industries have not provided relief to the public while highlighting that the bakery industry as one of the main perpetrators in failing to provide relief to the citizens after the recent tax revisions.

Commissioner General Nadun Guruge said action will be taken under provisions of the Inland Revenue Act and the Value Added Tax Act.

He added the Consumer Affairs Authority will also take action against vendors and bodies that fail to revise prices based on the recent tax amendments.