Acting IGP recommends transfer to PNB Chief

2020-06-30 at 10:18

The Acting Inspector General of Police has recommended to the National Police Commission to issue a transfer to the Police Narcotics Bureau Chief, Deputy Inspector General of Police Sajeewa Medawatte.

He has been recommended to be transferred to the Police Welfare Division.

Accordingly, the National Police Commission has written to the Election Commission to obtain the approval to sanction the transfer.

Meanwhile, DIG GKJ Aponso has been recommended to be appointed as the new head of the Police Narcotics Bureau.

The National Election Commission is expected to meet on Thursday to decide on the appointment.

Meanwhile, yesterday, four officers of the Police Narcotics Bureau, a Sub-Inspector, a Constable and two Sergeants, who were arrested over connections to drug dealers, were interdicted.

An internal inquiry is also being conducted into the four officers by the Police Narcotics Bureau.