New Diamond: AG demands another Rs.100M

2020-09-24 at 16:55

The Attorney General has demanded another Rs.100 million in compensation from the owners of the fire stricken ‘MT New Diamond’ vessel, for the impact it had on the country.

A total of Rs.440 million has been requested in compensation thus far.

Earlier today the owners of the Panamanian Crude Oil Tanker ‘MT New Diamond’ agreed to fully settle, the interim compensation claim of Government Stakeholders for Rs.340 million in costs incurred to douse the flame and estimated costs of marine environment pollution caused by the disaster.

A fire broke out on the Panamanian registered fuel tanker on the 3rd of September due to an engine room explosion at around 7.45 a.m, 35 nautical miles off the coast of Sangaman Kanda Point.

A Joint effort by the Sri Lanka Navy, Air Force and Indian Navy succeeded in dousing the flames.

The vessel is currently located in deep seas around 67 nautical miles away from the coast of Batticaloa.