Govt on standby to reopen airports-Chanaka

2020-09-27 at 07:00

State Minister DV Chanaka says if health authorities grant consent, airports can resume operations within 12 hours.

Speaking to media, State Minster Chanaka said the decision on reopening airports will depend on health facilities and the number of COVID-19 patients that can be treated at a given time in Sri Lanka.

While noting it was a global challenge the State Minister said no one was expecting such a calamity and was prepared to face the COVID-19 challenge.

He added the government was compelled to limit air travel.

The State Minister said however, the subject Ministry had taken steps to make airports in the country, coronavirus-free areas.

He reiterated the Ministry is on standby to reopen airports anytime, while the government is hopeful the tourism industry will flourish after controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The State Minister added the government is also deliberating as to how well it can improve the tourism industry, while living with the novel coronavirus.