Buses must only stop at bus halts -Police

2020-09-20 at 19:16

The Police says legal action will be taken against buses that make random stops apart from the stipulated bus halts from tomorrow.

Speaking at a media briefing today Media Spokesman Senior Superintendent of Police Jaliya Seneratne said the Police will take necessary measures when other vehicles enter the priority bus lane, that will be enforced for another week from tomorrow.

SSP Senaratne said motorists will not be fined and will not face legal action in the coming week as well.

The Police Media Spokesman added motorists who fail to adhere to the regulations will be identified through drones and CCTV footage.

He noted that owners of vehicles that are identified to have violated regulations will be tracked through registration information adding, they will be informed of the misdeed.

Police said the traffic lane regulations will be enforced along several selected routes from tomorrow between 6am-9am and 4pm-8pm.

The Colombo traffic lane regulations including the enforcement of the priority bus lane pilot project was implemented last week, along the Galle road, High Level road, Baseline road and Sri Jayewardenepura road.

Director of Motor Traffic and Road Safety of Sri Lanka Police SSP Indika Hapugoda addressing the media briefing said the project will be enforced for another week beginning from tomorrow claiming that drones of the Sri Lanka Air Force, CCTV footage of the Colombo Crimes Division and dashboard cameras of vehicles will also be used to identify individuals who fail to adhere to regulations.

He noted that during the coming week motorists who violate the regulations will not be fined adding that they will be summoned following the observation of CCTV footage and will be educated of the regulations.