Clergy urged to play role to change the political culture

2020-02-10 at 10:09

Election Watchdog, the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence says religious leaders must play a key role to change the present toxic political culture in the country.

Speaking to NewsRadio, National Coordinator of the CMEV Manjula Gajanayake said actions of politicians continue to jeopardise the progress of the country.

He said despite the deterioration of values amongst politicians, the clergy continue to support various political parties which has inadvertently aided rulers to implement unfavourable policies in the country.

Manjula Gajanayake noted that civil society groups together with the clergy must identify shortcomings in the political sphere and help develop the country without limiting them to party affiliations.

Meanwhile, commenting on the importation of vehicles worth 2.8 billion by the Good Governance Government, National Coordinator of the CMEV Manjula Gajanayake said the previous administration failed to live up to the expectations of the voters.

Gajanayake said a number of incidents which occurred during the past five years, had a negative impact on the concept of good governance.

He said even intellectuals and learned persons were implicated in large scale corruption cases in the recent past.

Manjula Gajanayake said therefore the public may reject learned persons at future elections.

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