Do not undermine health authorities -Rajitha

2021-05-04 at 13:40

Parliament is currently debating the prevalent COVID-19 situation in the country.

Proposing the adjournment debate in Parliament this morning, Former Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne urged the government not to undermine the decisions of health authorities.

Parliamentarian Rajitha Senaratne said the government has also refrained from summoning certain specialists and senior epidemiologists when taking decisions related to COVID-19 matters, since they will not abide by the political agenda of the present administration.

The Parliamentarian stressed that the political authority should not intervene when guidelines are issued by health officials.

He said the Health Ministry has also directed Public Health Inspectors to reduce the number of PCR tests due to lack of equipment.

MP Rajitha Senaratne said although PHIs have been working tirelessly at ground level, the government is at a collision course with them.

He said the government has been at loggerheads with trade unions that failed to work based on the political interest of the present government.

Parliamentarian SM Marikkar claims the present government has not revealed in Parliament thus far as to how the money collected through the COVID-19 fund have been spent.

Speaking during the adjournment debate in Parliament, MP Marikkar said according to media reports, as of late April, the fund had received over Rs.1,000 million.

The Parliamentarian said the government must reveal as to how the money was spent and whether it managed to procure medicine and beds to treat COVID-19 patients.