TNA responsible for delay to hold PC Election-GL

2021-04-19 at 19:13

Minister Prof. GL Peiris today attributed the delay in the conduct of the Provincial Council Election to the Tamil National Alliance.

Speaking at a media briefing, the Minister said he was amused by a statement by the TNA that called for the prompt conduct of the Provincial Council Election.

Minister Peiris said the Provincial Council Election could not be held due to a Draft Bill tabled by the former government that was wrongfully approved.

He charged the Draft Bill abolished the old electoral system and failed to introduce a new electoral system creating a void on purpose.

Minister Peiris said the government hopes to conduct the Provincial Council Election within six months after the completion of necessary legal measures.

He noted a new Act must be tabled for approval, adding that the compilation of the Draft Bill has commenced.

The Minister said the matter cannot be brought to a conclusion in one round of talks.