Global COVID-19 cases cross the 18 million-mark

2020-08-03 at 07:50

The number of coronavirus cases recorded worldwide has passed 18 million.

At least 18,011,763 cases have now been registered as the pandemic’s rate of infection continues to accelerate.

A million more cases have been detected in just the last four days.

More than half of the world’s cases have been recorded in the United States and in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

The United States is the worst-hit country with 4,657,693 cases including 154,793 deaths, followed by Brazil, with 2,733,677 cases and 94,104 deaths.

The third worst-hit country is India, with 1,750,723 cases and 37,364 deaths.

Worldwide, there have been 687,941 deaths.

The first death linked to COVID-19 was reported in January in China.

The pandemic has hit more than 190 countries and territories so far.