Hambantota elephant reserve to be declared

2021-04-08 at 19:59

Secretary to the Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Conservation Somarathna Vidanapathirana says all measures will be taken to declare the proposed wild elephant management reserve in Hambantota within this week.

Speaking during a media briefing at the Department of Government Information Vidanapathirana said the relevant laws and bills have been directed for amendments.

He added the subject Ministry is due to receive the amended laws this evening.

He stressed therefore all measures will be taken to declare the reserve by tomorrow.

Joining the media briefing Police Media Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said the Police will obtain support from the Tri-Forces for raids pertaining to large scale environmental destruction.

He said the Inspector General of Police has also issued directives for the regional Police to work together with the Police Special Task Force for large scale raids.

The DIG also claimed old pictures are being posted to portray environmental destruction adding that current officials cannot be blamed for previous incidents.