Minor damage after Muthurajawela oil spill

2018-09-12 at 14:52

The Marine Environment Protection Authority says the oil spill along the shoreline, adjacent to the Dickovita Port owing to a pipeline transporting fuel bursting, has been removed.

Deputy General Manager of Operations MAG Priyantha speaking to NewsRadio said cleaning efforts were completed with the assistance of more than 300 persons.

A pipeline transporting crude oil from the Colombo Port to the Muthurajawela Ceylon Petroleum Terminal burst on Saturday resulted in three kilometres of the beach from Dikovita to Uswetakeiyyawa being covered in crude oil.

MAG Priyantha added that over the past three days, the cleaning of the area was carried out with the support tri-forces adding the clearing of the stretch along Dikovita around the “Besama” area will be completed within the day.

He said the public will be able to use the water following inspections however noted that the resident should be cautious especially while using the resource soon after an environmental pollution.

The Marine Environment Protection Authority also believes the sea clean-up will take another two days.

MAG Priyantha said marine life has not been affected to a large extent. He said, all preparations are underway to clear the Pamunugama area and claimed it will be a three day operation.

He said the Authority did not observe a massive environmental destruction however refrained from commenting on the damage for microorganisms in the area.

Deputy General Manager of Operations MAG Priyantha added he has seen a positive transformation during the few days, following the efforts and expected a complete turn around in the next two days.

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