New code of conduct for the General Election

2020-06-01 at 13:21

Election monitoring organisations have introduced a code of conduct pertaining to the conduct of the upcoming General Election.

The code of conduct has been formulated with the support of a number of election observers’ organisations.

Speaking to NewsRadio National Coordinator of the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence Manjula Gajanayake said the public is therefore assured that monitoring bodies are prepared to carry out their duties within the electoral mechanism, in line with best health and safety practice and quarantine regulations.

Therefore, he stressed it was necessary that the people be informed that election monitoring bodies are prepared in this regard, further noting that election observers will also be bound to maintaining health and safety standards in their operations and ensuring that all election campaign activity follows suit.

He noted that all election observers have been informed of their responsibility to do their part in preventing coronavirus from spreading.

Gajanayake noted the Asian Network for Free Elections or ANFREL took the lead in this regard, alongside all other monitoring bodies including the CMEV and PAFFREL.

He therefore stressed that all election observers will do their utmost to ensure the conduct of a safe election.