New location proposed for Welikada Prison

2019-12-10 at 18:25

Minister of Justice, Human Rights & Legal Reforms Nimal Siripala de Silva says a decision has been reached to relocate the Welikada Prison away from the Colombo city limits, to Wataraka in Homagama.

Speaking to media after an observational visit to the Welikada prison earlier today, Minister de Silva said the government had also directed its attention towards the reintegration of rehabilitated and well-behaved prison inmates to society.

He noted the number of prisoners languishing in prisons was thrice the amount as the capacity of prisons in the country, adding that new buildings needed to be constructed in order to facilitate all prisoners.

Minister de Silva also expressed his intention to implement a plan to rehabilitate and release inmates who were imprisoned for petty crimes with the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers.