Nissanka Senadhipathi re-remanded

2019-11-08 at 17:48

Chairman of the Avant Garde Security Services Pvt. Ltd Nissanka Senadhipathi has been further remanded by the Special High Court-at-bar, after it rejected a bail application filed by the attorneys of Nissanka Senadhipathi.

The three-member bench comprising of Judges Dhammika Ganepola, Adithya Patabendige and Manjula Thilakaratne accordingly ordered the suspect to be remanded until the 3rd of December.

NewsRadio Court correspondent said the bench rejected the revision application as there was no significant evidence to support the request.

Nissanka Senadhipathi is charged for maintaining a floating armoury close to the Galle harbour, for being in possession of live ammunition and explosives without a appropriate license during the previous government’s tenure.