Operators ready to slash Three-Wheeler fares

2019-07-11 at 11:22

The Self-Employed Three Wheeler Drivers Union says three-wheeler fares can be reduced if a litre of fuel is reduced by a further Rs.3.

Chairman Sunil Jayawardene speaking to NewsRadio said if fuel prices are reduced further, the fare for the first kilometre can be reduced by Rs.10. Jayawardene noted that reducing fuel prices by Rs.2 is insufficient.

Jayawardene said a majority of three-wheeler drivers use 92 Octane petrol.

Meanwhile Chairman of the Lanka Private Bus Owners Association Gemunu Wijeratne said bus fares will not be reduced as diesel prices remain unchanged following yesterday’s revisions.

The Ministry of Finance yesterday reduced a litre of 92 Octane petrol by Rs.2, while a litre of 95 Octane and Super Diesel were reduced by Rs.5.