Prasanna Ranaweera clarifies his visit to India

2020-02-15 at 06:39

Parliamentarian Prasanna Ranaweera says he joined the delegation of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to India to discuss development in the Kelaniya district.Speaking to NewsRadio MP Ranaweera said the allegations being hurled at him on social media platforms are unwarranted.

The Gampaha district MP said his recent visit to India has been criticized by mainstream media outlets and on social media platforms.
Parliamentarian Prasanna Ranaweera said, “This is purely an attack on a person who rose up the ranks through hard work. They are attacking a man who is a son of a labourer. They are disgruntled that I met the Indian Prime Minister.”

He claimed that he accompanied the Prime Minister to India, to hold talks with officials pertaining to housing issues faced by Kelaniya residents.
MP Ranaweera stressed that attacks through social media platforms will not affect his journey.
Parliamentarian Prasanna Ranaweera is also of the view that the new budget that will be tabled by the government after the General Election will be able to fulfil the aspirations of the people.
The Parliamentarian added that his faction is facing difficulties to pass a budget in the current Parliament and provide relief to the public.
He claimed that the present administration had been presenting supplementary estimates to run the government.
Parliamentarian Prasanna Ranaweera said the government cannot resolve all issues that existed for five years in a matter of months.
He there requested the public to remain patient adding that his faction will present a new budget to provide economic relief to the public after the Polls.

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